Transport of palettes

Transport of pallets

We offer professional service without agents

Our company has long-standing experience in the transport market. We specialize in the national and international transport of the following cargoes:

  • goods on pallets
  • special deliveries
  • machines, devices
  • pieces of furiture

Our fleet transports goods across Europe; we have our own fleet vehicle.

We offer these types of transport

  • Less Than Truck Load  (plus extra loading of pallets into free loading space)
  • Full Truck Load (vehicle dedicated for exclusive use)
  • Express (we can engage two drivers for one transport)

Why should you choose us?

  • long-standing experience in the road transport of goods
  • satellite trucking on vehicles (global positioning system – GPS) , permanent information flow on the course of transport
  • experienced drivers
  • services tailored to customers’ needs

Transport of goods on pallets is the most popular and one of the safest transports.
Our drivers are obligated to carry out periodic inspections to check the goods condition.

Each transport service is insured by a Carrier Liability Insurance

Our professional team cares about the full conformity of your order with our transport service you entrust us.

We can take any good and in case of special deliveries we guarantee an appropriate vehicle and personnel.